Our Core Values:

At SourceEazy, we’re committed to empowering all people in the apparel supply chain. By connecting diverse brands and manufacturers through our innovative technology, we’re transforming the current stagnant process of the supply chain for the future. To fulfill our mission, our team upholds these six core values in work we do every day:


Complete transparency is at the top of mind during each stage of the production process. SourceEazy is dedicated to providing the most accurate information possible, ensuring that what you see is exactly what you get.


SourceEazy takes the uncertainty out of your decision-making. Partnering with us means having an added level of trust between our partners. We aim to build trust among everyone involved in the supply chain, emphasizing the relationship between buyers and manufacturers.


Effective communication is key to ensure a smooth process. SourceEazy provides open communication between both parties through our messaging system, as well as real-time updates on where products are in the production process until it reaches your door.


The foundation of SourceEazy is in partnership. That is why we put a strong emphasis on facilitating and building long-lasting partnerships that benefit all parties.


There are so many lives involved in the apparel supply chain. As a premium sourcing marketplace, it is SourceEazy’s vision to empower each person through a streamlined process. We do this by providing the tools and services needed to save time and money.


The future of fashion is sustainable. As the industry increases efforts towards circular and eco-friendly fashion, technology such as SourceEazy makes it easy to match your supply chain with your mission and values.

SourceEazy is the first operating system designed to streamline every aspect of the promotional industry's supply chain. Sourcing, production, and distribution are all made simple through our automated technology.

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